Frequently asked questions

Why do I have to become a member of your platform?

Becoming a member of our platform allows you to access aircraft rental rates and the pilots services at cost price. Vemfly does not take any commission on aircraft rentals or professional pilot services. To become a member of the platform and organize flights you must buy flight organization credits.

Is Vemfly an airline? is not an airline, but an internet match-making service that gives you easy access to privately-owned aircrafts and pilots. A customer willing to organise flights via should have an online account and purchase organisation credits, which give status of a member. The credits are consumed when flights are organised. The cost of the aircraft rental and pilot’s services are paid directly to the aircraft owner and the pilot through our platform.

Do rental prices for aircraft include pilot service?

No, the rental prices for the aircraft do not include pilot services. Prices for pilots’ services are clearly indicated in the flight-organisation breakdown and average rates are around €300/day ex. VAT. Other fees, such as hotel-stay might apply depending on the trip.

Can I fly from a city other than my usual departure?

Yes You can travel from any airport that has a runway that meets minimum requirements for the aircraft. That includes small local airports which are spread all over Europe and are more convenient to get to than big hubs. Similarly, depending on the weather conditions, the pilot can try to take you as close as possible to your final destination (on VFR airport). Our price estimation tool automatically detects suitable airports depending on your departure and destination address. In general, if you do not know exactly your route or the airport of destination to take you to your appointment, do not hesitate to contact us.

What types of aircraft are available on

You will have access to single or twin-engine propeller-driven aircraft with passenger seat capacity between 3 and 9 (subject to availability). The aircraft are all equipped with IFR, which makes it possible to fly in bad weather conditions, with the permanent air control monitoring for a flight safety similar to the airliners.

Are flights subject to the weather cancellations?

Pilots and aircraft that you can see on Vemfly are appropriately qualified for flying in all weather conditions. Extreme weather conditions or lack of appropriate facilities at the airport might impose a delay, diversion or cancelation, since for the world of aviation safety has always been and will be the top priority. The pilot will notify you of possible change of plans or cancelation as soon as possible (usualy 1 day before). In flight, pilots may be required, in accordance with air traffic control, to change their course to avoid an area of bad weather.

What are the geographical limits of flights organized on

There is no flight limit, but for comfort reasons, we recommend avoiding a flight duration of more than 3 hours. Beyond that, there is a good chance that the added value brought by our services is no longer proven.

What is the shortest notice for organizing a flight?

Vemfly require 24 hours advance notice, however shorter notice might be possible. The arrangements are confirmed with the pilots and aircraft owners. All flights are subject to pilot and aircraft availability.

Can I cancel a flight?

Yes, you can cancel a flight at any time. A cancellation fee may be charged to compensate the pilot and the owner of the aircraft. However Vemfly will do everything possible to avoid that charge. Flight organisation credits are restored in case of cancellations. If you cancel your reservation:

  • Less than 72 hours before the scheduled departure time, you will be charged a cancellation fee of 20% of the services
  • After the scheduled departure time because you did not show up within 30 minutes of the scheduled time at the agreed meeting point or you do not comply with the private air transport conditions explained in the conditions of use, cancellation fees up to 50% of the services are charged to you.

How much time before departure should I arrive at the airport?

Arriving 15 minutes prior to scheduled departure time is sufficient... the time to settle on the plane.

How much luggage can I bring?

Luggage allowance may vary depending on number of passengers and aircraft type. It is recommended to be limited to a bag or small suitcase weighing up to 10kg per person.

How are the planes insured on

All aircraft are insured for third parties and passengers carried. The guarantees of these contracts have been extended to company managers.

Are there airport taxes?

They are variable but reasonable. Some airports can be heavily taxed, but there are airfields often closer to the destination, which charge more reasonable taxes. On some major airports (Le Bourget, Nice), taxes can reach large amounts, check with to avoid unpleasant surprises. Most airport fees would be in the range of 5 € and 40 €. Higher fees are possible in case of overnight parking or need to travel to a larger hub, though would normally not exceed 150 €

How are the payments of rental and pilot processed?

At the end of a flight, your payment is automatically processed by our secure payment system (STRIPE). You also receive the invoice on your Vemfly user account.

In case of immobilization of the aircraft, how is the return of the customers ensured?

In case of immobilization due to a weather problem, technical or human, vemfly will organise a travel solution and setup for you your return as soon as possible under the conditions of public transport.

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